Artist   Statement

Artist Statement: A brief verbal representation (didactic, descriptive, or reflective in nature) created by the artist about his or her own work. Clicking on each painting will display the artist statement page

Art can be more than a creation by an artist, sometimes a work can encompass the energy and very soul of the artist themselves. We will examine three visual artist who's experiences, ideas, and artistic concepts differ vastly. I have been lucky to have acquired pieces from each artist which I think reflects their personal energy and oeuvre. The viewer of these art pieces can also have their own personal interpretation and impressions, which makes the art even more interesting and impactful.

Mary Woronov
Mary grew up in Brooklyn Heights, New York City and studied sculpture in the mid 1960's at Cornell University. On a group field trip she visited the Andy Warhol "Silver Factory" in mid-town Manhattan, and was so enthralled she would travel to the factory regularly until she was invited by Andy to join the collective. She witnessed first-hand the magical, decadent, and bizarre activities surrounding Andy at that time and traveled across the country as part of the musical art-performance troupe "The Exploding Plastic Inevitables" with Warhol and Lou Reed. She was one of the The Chelsea Girls from the Warhol movie by that name. She later moved to Los Angels and played in over 80 movies of varying degrees of success (who could forget the black dressed mistress in Death Race 2000).

I met Mary at her Hollywood home and was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume of her art. The entire house was alive with the movements and colors of her creations. I think you can either really like or hate her art for every piece is not a whisper, but a resounding shout … here I am!!
  I selected one of the remaining works from her earlier style, since I noticed she had changed the character of her work a few years back. Mary mentioned she had changed the background color of the piece, but didn't say why. I had seen the picture before in her book WAKE for the ANGELS, which featured many of her works accompanied by a related poetic story. I know these writings were reflected in her ever inspiring and tumultuous life’s history. Her artist statement is directly from the book for this painting. Please click on painting.
Mary Woronov Art

Georges LeBar
George grew up in Kalgoorlie Australia and studied in Paris. He migrated to New York City and studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology, but soon afterward settled in Miami Beach where he now resides. I met George at the Art Center of South Florida, which is an artist commune on Lincoln Road. This enclave was a haven for emerging contemporary artist to collaborate, work, and show their art. Miami at this time (circa 2003) was becoming a vibrant art destination prior to the Art Basel impact.

George's modesty belies his talent. Both my wife and I were enthralled with the power and beauty of his works. Several years later we visited the Hollywood Art & Culture Center in Florida where he was having a solo show that filled the entire center. Georges work for me has a dynamics & inspirational quality that transcends words or pictures. This art is part of an eight piece series called the Minotaur series, which in Greek mythology represented a creature of part man and part bull.
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Georges LeBar art

Leo Scopacasa
On a recent trip to Toronto we happened across an area known for its outside food markets, coffee houses, and unique shops. While exploring the streets of Kensington we noticed a small nondescript art gallery from the outside and decided to check it out. My wife Sharon and I were intrigued by the pictures we saw. The works were all collages which incorporated similar mystical themes. As a naturalist I usually eschew mysticism in any form. On further observance of these pictures, I started gaining an appreciation for them. Yes they had beauty and color, but what made these scenes distinct was a special balance and symmetry. As with any collage, each picture is a product of various existing pictures and photographs mixed to the artist direction.

Leo's art was dramatic in its style and simple in its execution. He intertwined elements to create a new and vital reality; a reality seen and felt by Leo himself. Not the reality we see, but the hidden reality which is a force that permeates his world and spirit. Talking to Leo that day was a delight as he freely discussed his thoughts and philosophies about life with us and we found his positive energies refreshing. I was happy for his success since his gallery has been opened for 15 years. I felt Leo was a man with real inner peace which is reflected in his work. Although he explained the picture that day, Leo kindly provided a statement which follows.
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Leo Scopacasa art