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The Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA

Can anyone put a value on knowledge? With tactical information a nation could win a war, technical information could save lives with medical research, and even political information could mean defeat or success in ones career. Todays digital world is awash with information, and that information is available to everyone and is delivered instantaneously. Unfortunately wisdom and for that matter knowledge is not just a collection of facts, but a synthesis of facts and experience to bring one to a state a higher awareness. One difficulty, even in todays modern society, is the barrage of utter irrelevant static and falsehoods that are spread at the speed of light masquerading as valuable information.

So why add another web site to the mix?

I envisioned this site as a starting point or portal in which to start your exploration and to find true enrichment beyond the daily bombardment of pop culture. The search for knowledge must be informative and entertaining, for It is only through the enjoyment of the arts and sciences that will keep one impassioned to move forward to new challenging ideas. The layout is divided into Art, Music, Science, Travel, and Philosophy. Obviously these are all vast fields of knowledge, so I have only highlighted each subject and included links to further your explorations. This project is a type of collage. It is the cutting, pasting, and arranging of many parts from various sources. Hopefully you will find it of interest.

I work in the computer field and know we cannot stop learning or we will be overcome by the ever changing technologies around us. In the same way, we must forever be evolving our selves, and like the Roman God Janus, we can look and learn from the past, but keep open the door to the future and our brave new world. For enlightenment will only come to those that seek it- through experience, knowledge, and a willingness to accept new ideas.

Joe Donzanti May 2011

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Joseph Donzanti
At home in Annapolis, MD