Science: man's search for truth

On Science & Nature

Since the beginning of time, and the creation of our universe itself, every process and every change that has taken place was adhered to by impermeable rules of nature that would be discovered billions of years in the future by men and women with curious minds and a passion for truth.
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How Science Changes

Science is progressive because its paradigms depends upon the cumulative. Pseudoscience, non-science, superstition, myth, religion, and art are not progressive because they do not have goals or mechanisms that allow the accumulation of knowledge that builds on the past. Their paradigms either do not shift or coexist with other paradigms. Progress, in the cumulative sense, is not their purpose. This is not a criticism, just an observation. Artist do not improve upon the styles of their predecessors; they invent new styles. Priests, rabbis, and ministers do not attempt to improve upon the sayings of their masters; they repeat, interpret, and teach them.
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Forget Global Warming And Find Inner Harmony

When all evidence is weighed strictly, according to the highest standards of rational (NOT emotional) proof, then we cannot separate a human-caused climate signal from a naturally-caused climate signal. There is NO single source of compelling proof and NO body of converging evidence so unequivocally strong that scientists are justified in claiming a destructive human-caused effect on Earth’s climate. What primarily guides widespread, popular opinions on global warming are highly successful ad campaigns fueled by fears about what MIGHT happen, in the midst of considerable uncertainty about what actually WILL happen.
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