Tech Notes:

This is a multimedia rich site so you will better enjoy the content with a computer designed for multimedia (pictures, movies, sound). Since computers improve daily there is no point in detailing specifications, but a significant difference between business computers and computers enhanced for multimedia is the screen (monitor). Anti-glare monitors have a matte finish and significantly reduce the clarity of pictures and video so should be avoided. Also the speaker that comes with computers are designed to hear beeps or alerts, Not music! The Logitech Z4 is a good choice for adding fidelity speakers. As far as software, you should have the latest versions of your browser, have Java Script enabled, and have the latest Flash installed. Java and Flash increases the functionality of web sites (especially anything dynamic) since HTML code has limitations. The new HTML5 has expanded features so new web site designs without Flash are improving.

With smaller sized monitors use full screen mode. All browsers render web pages slightly differently. Internet Explorer (IE) dominated the industry because it comes bundled with Windows Operating System (OS). A few years ago IE was used by 80% of users and now it is just above 20%. Recently all the top browsers have had major security and feature enhancements and will work with my site, although Safari & Chrome will work best. All browsers can be easily downloaded at no cost. Most users in a work environment cannot make software changes so are limited to IE.

The "Compilations" and "Music Stations" page will open in a new tab or window, depending on how you set your options on the browser. This allows you to return to this site or continue surfing the web while listening to the music.

Firefox does not produce MP3 or streaming audio natively so if you don't hear the music from the Compilation or Music Stations pages, you will need to add an audio plug-in (no big deal).

Installing Firefox Audio Codec: If you have Windows operating system you will need the plugin "WMPfirefox ". If you have Apple OSX you can download "Flip4mac ". These plugins are free and available on various sites.

Please click to Digital Security and Computer Theory to learn more about computers and audio basics. I tried to demystify many of the terms and concepts required to understand the digital age & digital music. Hope you find them helpful.